Holaday Hammocks

Our hammocks are perfect for chill days in the park, camping trips, forest bathing, backyard hangouts, and more. They come in cotton canvas and nylon options.

Care Instructions

The recycled cotton and nylon fabrics we use make our hammocks easy to clean.

Simply wash the bed with a soapy solution of liquid dish or laundry detergent and water. Rinse thoroughly with clean water to remove the soap before air-drying.

Do not put the hammock in the washing machine or dryer because the ropes can get tangled or damaged. Hand wash with cold water and hang dry.

1. Children should not use hammocks without adult supervision.
2. Check for excessive rust and twists in the hardware before every use.

3. Do not use the rigging system if there are any tears or damage to the paracord or toggle. The paracord rope should be free of knots before setup. Check for damage before every use.

4. When securing the rigging toggle or a carabiner through the rope, always loop the toggle or carabiner through two pieces of paracord (not just one). This will maximize rigging strength and durability. Watch our How To Setup Rigging video by clicking the link below.